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Sorry this is so late in coming but I had to work for a week in the Rainforest World Music Festival and then wanted to get the videos and pictures online before I send out the report. Anyway, a big thank you to Tabitha Rani who wrote the following report. 

A big shout out to all who came, gave and helped in many different ways to make the fund-raising event a great success especially a very special young lady from Calgary, Canada - TAJALI HALL!!!! Love you to bits, Taj. Thank you for agreeing to come even though you had absolutely no idea who I was when I sent you the invite! 

To Sobrielo Philip Gene - thank you yet again for coming alongside Karar Line Dancing to partner with us in this endeavour and for gently pushing me especially when I say "no, I won't do it again next year" after every year's hoe down! hahaha I said gently, Philip!!!!!

Ok ok enough said.... I'll let Tabitha say the rest in her report below..... read on, folks!

Yu Puay


June 22, 2013 – KUCHING, Malaysia – The Karar Line Dancing group of Kuching, together with Sobrielo Philip Gene of Singapore, brought line dancers together and gave them a day of spectacular dancing. The hoe down this year, themed Star Spectacular, received a welcoming response from line dancers from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Singapore, Australia, United States, Canada and of course Kuching. The event was especially to raise funds for D’Wira Child Care Centre.

The hoe down kicked off with a morning workshop by special guest and up-and-coming line dance star Tajali Hall from Canada. She was brought in especially for the event.  About 100 people filled the Stampark Recreation Hall in BDC Kuching for the three-hour workshop which gave participants the opportunity to learn dances choreographed and taught by Tajali. The dances taught were - ‘I Don’t Want To Be’, ‘Compass or Map’ and ‘And the People Said’.

Tajali said “I really enjoyed teaching the group. I’m definitely coming back here!” This was her first time in Asia.

The event continued in the evening with a dinner dance party. More than 290 people attended the dinner. The event kicked off at 5.30pm with the emcee, Philip, announcing the title of the first dance. The line dancers packed the dance floor in the star-studded hall, going through 70 dances in total.

The floor-fillers for that night were: Lookabell (Niels Poulsen), Smack Dab (Tajali Hall), Rhythm of the Night (Simon Ward), Dance & Shout (D Bailey, R Hadisubroto, R Sarlemijn), Hairspray (Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney), Shattered Dreams (Karl-Harry Winson), That Person, That Love (Country Bandwagon),Gangnam Style (Kay Jeong & Psy) and Moves Like Jagger (Yeo Yu Puay).

In between dances and over an 8-course Chinese dinner, guests were entertained with performances which started with the kids from D’Wira Child Care Centre  - led by Ivy Ng - performing a mime entitled ‘Thank You’ to thank everyone who was there for contributing to the cause. Instructors from different parts of Malaysia, Singapore as well as Canada also came together to give a special performance themed ‘Toy Story’. For the final performance of the evening, 50 dancers from Karar Line Dancing and D’Wira  – with ages ranging from 5 to 70, and with varying dancing experience of 2 months to 14 years – put together a rousing performance to the song “Higher Medley”.

“Eight of the children have joined the Karar dance classes since April; and 16 of them have been practicing the mime since May.  They really enjoyed the event, a first for many of them,” said principal and founder of D’Wira, Jap Siew Moi.

“We sold almost the same number of tickets as the previous two years but this year we had a lot of sponsors and donors coming in, especially in the last two weeks before the event, That's why we could raise more money than previous years,” said organizer and co-founder of Karar Line Dancing, Yeo Yu Puay.

Among the dancers attending the event was Judy Teh from Johor - the first instructor the Karar Line Dancing group brought in to teach at a fund-raising event in 2003. “I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the hall to see thousands of stars cut from magazines strung together across the hall. It really felt like I was dancing under the stars. The organizers had done a fantastic job. What melted my heart was when the Karar line dancers performed their finale dance with the children of D’Wira. I am so proud of all of them.”

The Star Spectacular Hoe Down managed to raise a total of around RM25,688.60  for D’Wira Child Care Centre. “Thank you to the great organizers, all the sponsors, donors, helpers and to everyone who came for the event. The kids could not stop talking about it the few days after the event when I picked them up from school. It was a day they will remember,” said Jap.

D’Wira Child Care Centre was started four years ago by founder, Jap Siew Moi. The centre aims to give quality education to help the children of the urban poor break out of the poverty cycle. The school now has a total of 70 children and five teachers. No expense is spared to provide the best for each child - apart from education, they are given clothes, milk, a meal and they are even picked up from their homes to be taken to the centre. With no financial aid from the government, the centre depends solely on the good-will and generosity of friends and sponsors. The Star Spectacular Hoe Down was aimed to create a day of dance as well as to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Report by Tabitha Rani

Video links:


I Don’t Want To Be


Compass or Map


And The People Said



THANK YOU MIME by Ivy Ng & the D’Wira Child Care Centre kids



HIGHER MEDLEY performance by Karar Line Dancers & the D’Wira Child Care Centre kids




Woody & Jessie “Dangerous” (Sobrielo Philip Gene & Yeo Yu Puay)


G I Jane “Diverse City” (Tajali Hall)


Barbie Starlets “Wings” (Jaszmine Tan and gang) 



Barbie & Ken “Sambamania”(Shirley Lee & Chua Meng Koong)



GhostBusters (Jennifer Choo and gang)



Korean Superboy (John Ng)




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23rd June 2012

After half a year of planning and preparation, the Jungle Jive Hoe Down organized by Karar Line Dancing in Kuching is now over. A total of 309 people attended the event which was held at Stampark Recreational Hall on Saturday, 23rd June 2012. Out of that number, 88 flew in from Singapore, 13 from Perth and 5 from Kota Kinabalu.

Attendees to the sit-down 8-course Chinese dinner and dance party were greeted on arrival by a sign that said: “WARNING! Wild Dancers Inside!” As they walked along the corridor and were greeted by the ushers, they passed through a little garden that had been created by the decoration team headed by Sobrielo Philip Gene and Eric Yap. The team had spent the whole of Friday and Saturday morning transforming the badminton hall into a mini jungle. Green, yellow and blue ribbons were strung right across the hall, palm leaves decked the walls, and there was even a little waterfall created on the stage by this creative team and their helpers! Tables were given animal names which were written on small logs (yup, real logs – thanks to Eric’s carpenter friend!) placed on big yam leaves on the table.

A dance list of 70 dances was played that evening, starting at 5.45pm and continuing until 11.30pm! Alison Johnstone – choreographer and instructor from Perth, Australia – taught four dances spaced out during the evening.

1.    Bengawan Solo – a 32-count Beginner dance to the song “Bengawan Solo” by Tantowi Yaha. No tags, no restarts. Went down well with the dancers - even some who have very little line dancing experience.

2.    Your My World – a 32-count Intermediate dance to the song “You’re My World” by The Borderers. One 4-count tag.

3.    You Needed Me– 32-count High Intermediate dance by Alison and Adeline Cheng to the song “You Needed Me” by Ronan Keating. One 4-count tag.

4.    Pick A Bale – the 8-count Beginner dance by an Unknown choreographer that is making waves worldwide. You could hear peals of laughter breaking out throughout the hall as the music sped up near the end!

There were also three performances:

1.    Gone Too Soon (a tribute to Michael Jackson) – Alison Johnstone and Sobrielo Philip Gene teamed up to dance to the song as it was sung by Yeo Yu Puay.

2.    A Line Dance Tribute to Whitney Houston by the Karar Line Dancers (adults, youths and kids) & Sobrielo Philip Gene – a medley of three dances to songs by the late songbird – I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Queen of the Night.

3.   Dance Again – a performance by Yu Puay and Philip (in fact, it was the first time Yu Puay had done a solo in a performance!)

The performances were all put together by Philip who flew in from Singapore more than a week earlier to help with all the last minute preparations for the event – the decorations, the final practices, etc and being secretary to Yu Puay! Hahaha

The purpose of the hoe down was to raise funds for a family in need of proper housing. Habitat for Humanity is the organization which will build a concrete toilet and bathroom for a family of a single mother with three young daughters. The house they live in is built on stilts with plywood over a wooden frame. There are now holes in the floor of the bathroom and water is seeping into the bedroom next door as well. Through the big hearts of the line dance community and the generosity of sponsors, Karar Line Dancing managed to raise RM17,507.84 for this project. As the amount raised exceeded the estimated cost, the excess money will be used to help another family in need in the near future. We will keep you posted on this.

A word of thanks to everyone who contributed towards the success of this event – Alison, Philip, sponsors, those who helped in one way or another, instructors who brought their students, all dancers and especially all the Karar Line Dancers who have stood behind us in every event that we’ve organized! Love you all loads! This event was a success because of you! God bless you all!

Pictures can be viewed on Facebook at:

Behind The Scene Pictures

Jungle Jive Hoe Down Album 1

Jungle Jive Hoe Down Album 2

Now, mark down this date in your diary - Saturday, 22nd June 2013 - next year’s big do! Hope to see you then!


Yu Puay


Batik Bold & Beautiful Hoe Down

Sarawak Club

Tuesday, 29th November, 2011

Karar Line Dancing held a party themed BATIK BOLD & BEAUTIFUL at the Sarawak Club on 29th November, 2011. Unlike the big Simon Ward event last June where we had 300 people, this was a small, intimate in-house year end party where Karar line dancers and some friends came together to just dance and have fellowship with one another. We had an attendance of 110, with one table exclusively for kids from the Kids’ Class.

The evening started off with a very “un-Karar” item – a cake-cutting ceremony! Karar Line Dancing celebrated her 10th Anniversary in 2011 and the four who started the group – Alice Gan, Alice Wright, Patricia Au Yong and Yeo Yu Puay – went on stage to lead the ceremony.

This was shortly followed by a surprise performance by the four – a medley comprising 9 songs done in 4 minutes!!! This medley took everyone through the last ten years of KLD. It started with the first performance dance ever done by KLD, went through some favourite dances taught in the last ten years and ended with Fake ID, a preview of an upcoming teach.

We also had the priviledge of having Kim Chan from Fun Stompers in KL joining us and she taught Amy Christian-Sohn’s “Wrapped in Your Love” that evening. Yu Puay also taught “Sweet Dreams” which was choreographed by Sobrielo Philip Gene and herself.

The evening with its 46 dances on the list ended with a bang and riot – Simon Ward’s “Snowflake” done in contrary lines.

Our next party will be on Saturday, 23rd June 2012 where we will have Alison Johnstone sharing dances in the course of the evening. This event will be a fund-raiser to facilitate the building of a house for a very poor homeless family in Kuching by Habitat for Humanity. The details are being worked out, so stay tuned ….. more information coming up soon.

Simon Ward Workshop & Swingin' 70's Party

Stampark Recreational Hall

25th June 2011

This is a longgggggggggg overdue report on the Simon Ward Workshop and Swingin' 70's Party held here in Kuching, Malaysia on 25th June 2011. For some reason, I just was not able to get myself to write this after the event. I apologize for being so late!

First and foremost, a big thank you to all who came for and helped out at the event, especially to
Simon who made time in his very busy and tight schedule to help us raise over RM19,000 (over USD6,000) for D'Wira Child Care Centre. Here's Jap SiewMoi, founder and principal of the centre, thanking everyone during the evening dinner http://youtu.be/0cfl7BlsxEU. The money raised will definitely be put to good use for the benefit of the underprivileged children that the centre serves.

The Stampark Recreational Hall was packed with some 170 dancers earlier in the day for
Simon's workshop. Dances taught were:

  1. If I Knew Then (Tom Glover) - 48-count, 2-wall low intermediate waltz to Lady Antebellum's "If I Knew Then". Love this relaxing dance. http://youtu.be/sXCLfFLggPg
  2. Under My Skin (Simon Ward & Soren Kristensen) - 64-count, 2-wall Improver dance to Gin Wigmore's "Under My Skin" - this is one song that can really get under your skin..... I don't know whether I love it or hate it but it goes round and round in my head all the time!!! !http://youtu.be/A0T3aMLv8wk
  3. Alabama Slammin' (Rachael McEnaney) - this dance needs no introduction, does it?
  4. Suspicious Minds (Simon Ward) - 64-count, 2-wall cha cha line dance with a waltz tag - always love dances with different rhythms in it. And of course, the song by Clay Aitkin makes it my personal favourite of the workshop dances. http://youtu.be/crWNoO8gHBM
  5. Show Me The Love (Simon Ward) - 32-count 2-wall Advanced Night Club 2 to Wynonna Judd's "I Want to Know What Love Is". I didn't learn this as my injured knee had given way by then and I had to rest it for the night's performances, but after the event I picked it up on my own and I love it, love it, love it!!! http://youtu.be/N8yBD6lKqtw
The evening programme was put in place by Sobrielo Philip Gene from Singapore who flew in earlier to help with an endless list of things - from secretarial work to the unique decorations of the hall. (We used around 7,000 cds to transform the place from an ordinary badminton hall into a magnificent sight.) Philip was also the MC for the evening and the mastermind behind all the Karar Line Dancing performances. With 70 dances and 6 performances to get through, it was no easy task but he managed to keep the evening going at a steady and yet exciting pace. (Thank you for everything, Philip!) The reason for the many performances was that there were quite a lot of non-dancers at the dinner and we felt the need to keep them entertained as well. Here are videos on some of the performances for the evening. Do check them out:
Check out photos at our website too  http://kararlinedancing.webs.com/apps/photos/

It was the first time Karar Line Dancing took on such a big project and it is with a sigh of relief that it is finally done.... the cheque has been issued and handed over.... and we see the kids of D'Wira Child Care Centre blessed because each and everyone of you played your part and came or gave of your resources, your talents and your time.....

Thank you for making this event a success.... yeeeeee haaaaaa!!!!

Masquerade Ball

Sarawak Club

10th December 2010

We certainly had a blast of a time at the Masquerade Ball .... almost everyone came decked out in his / her very best wearing that marvellous mask to conceal his / her identity.... that is until he / she speaks! hahaha We all know each other so well that we could not hide our true identities from each other!! 

A dance "This Masquerade" was specially choreographed by Yeo Yu Puay and Sobrielo Philip Gene for this occasion, and Yu Puay also taught two of her new dances "When I'm 64" and "Save Your Kisses For Me" during the evening. Making its first public debut was also "Saviour's Day", a dance released just a few days before the party.        

It was great fun and the majority of the 100-odd people were on the dance floor at one point or another. In fact, we extended the party for an extra hour because everyone was having such a fantastic time!

See you at the next hoe down on 25th June 2011. Mark it down on your calendar!

Public Jamming at Boulevard Shopping Complex

23rd October 2010

Organized by Karar Line Dancing, the evening started off with a flash mob of Ira Weisburd's SBS (Shuffle Boogie Soul) led by Yu Puay and Sobrielo Philip Gene who was also our guest MC for the evening. The flash mob is up on YouTube and is said to be one of the best submitted (by Ira)... Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKAyln7frO0.

We covered around 50 dances in the 3-hour jam with Philip teaching a couple of his dances, and a few performances by our kids and youths as well by Alexis' dance group. Some of the videos are up on YouTube. Do check them out http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhum.

Photos are also up on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=327386&id=722329637&l=70998e07fd

See you at the next jam!

Kuching Heart Week - Jamming at Hills Shopping Mall

1st August 2010

In conjunction with the Kuching Heart Week 2010, Karar Line Dancing did a jamming at Hills shopping mall (Pullman Hotel) on Sunday 1st August 2010 from 8-9pm. We had a ball of a time! We had friends from Rainbow Dancing Group, EBC Line Dance Group and RC Ladies Guild Group joining us for the evening as well. There were in total around 80 dancers. For the first time too, a lot of dancers from our Beginner and Youngster's classes joined us on the stage or floor.

Thank you to everyone who turned up to dance or just to give moral support. YOU made this jamming a success and the fun that it was! 

God bless.......

Pictures available at


Sobrielo Philip Gene’s Workshop in Kuching, Malaysia

26th June 2010

Karar Line Dancing had the pleasure of hosting Sobrielo Philip Gene to a workshop in Kuching on 26th June 2010. The workshop was attended by over one hundred people ranging from the ages of eight to the sixties, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A group of dancers even flew in from Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) and one all the way from Perth, Australia

At the workshop, five dances, both old and new, were taught (all choreographed by Philip, with a couple that were written in collaboration with other choreographers):

  • Blood On The Dance Floor - a 32-count, 4-wall intermediate/advance pop/salsa line dance with no tags or restarts

          Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNYn_g2mLFs

  • Slipped & Fell - a 64-count, 2-wall intermediate country line dance, no tags and no restarts

          Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YYmeBsWW3I

  • Can I Have This Dance - a 48-count, 4-wall intermediate waltz line dance which Philip choreographed together with Travis Taylor and Mitch burgess (International In Line). This is a beautiful dance with 2 restarts and a tag.

          Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzc0FZkwm8k

  • Do Something - a 32-count, 4-wall intermediate hip hop line dance, one restart. This was a great hit with the younger crowd at the workshop but the older ones had fun with it too – especially the whipping part! Check it out and you’ll know what I mean!

          Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZMLBUF3M7s

  • Crush - a 32-count, 4-wall easy intermediate jazz-style line dance with 2 restarts, which Philip recently choreographed with Jo and John Kinser.

          Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLYxUOb7gRg

Apart from these dances, Philip also did a MUSIC INTERPRETATION workshop on styling for country, latin, pop and hip hop rhythms using his dance Paparazzi. What had the crowd roaring with laughter was when he touched on dance floor etiquettes and asked them to undo the laces of one shoe in order to teach them how to dance without tripping over them - a few people who were not paying attention were going round telling the others that their shoe-laces were undone!

There were a lot of first timers to workshops and most enjoyed themselves tremendously and are asking when there will be another one! They all related very well to Philip who was very approachable and taught with great patience, passion and panache. He was a fantastic teacher who was able to come down to the level of the workshop attendees and broke the more complicated things down to make them simple and non-threatening. He had really good class-control and was able to keep the group’s attention at all times – not an easy task when you have a group some 80 or more ladies to deal with!!!!  

Philip also demonstrated some of his other dances during the breaks – 1 2 Step, Come On Over Baby, Bust The Move (choreographed with Jo and John Kinser), Strong Enough, On The Line, Belly Dancers, Spice it Up, Run The Show, Baby Boy (choreographed with John Ng), Crazy Frog and MJ Come Together – a lot of which were very interesting and are definitely worth looking into! Some of these demos will be up on YouTube soon.

The day ended with a dinner and dance party themed Black & White at a Chinese restaurant, The Banquet. Philip did a couple of performances with the Karar Line Dancers – first a medley of line dances (mostly his own choreography) and then an MJ Performance. He came in a few days earlier to work with the local dancers in putting the acts together. He encouraged, he cajoled, he challenged and he inspired the dancers to give the best that they could. (Hey! He even got us to dance in heels – and THAT is something! How? Well, HE borrowed a pair of heels to dance with us and we ladies did not want to lose out to a guy now, did we??!!) Both performances were very well-received by the audience. Check them out:

Working with Philip Sobrielo was very interesting and humbling. He gave 110% to make the event a success - asking for nothing extra in return. He did not have to put up the performances in the evening but he did because it was something he loved doing and he wanted to see everything turn out well. And indeed, it did! The workshop here in Kuching showed us that he is not just a hip hop dancer and choreographer, but pretty much an all-rounder. This young man, with his unassuming attitude, is going places…..



**We want to extend our appreciation to all our sponsors, and to Philip and all who performed, attended or helped in any way at the workshop and hoe down (the dinner and dance). This function was organized to raise funds for Breakthrough Networks Centre Bhd (a charity organization which helps the poor and needy in and around Kuching) and we are happy to say that we raised over RM6,500 for them. We would not have been able to do this had it not been for each and everyone of you! So, thank you and God bless you as you bless the less fortunate ones in our midst!



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