Workshop with Sobrielo Philip Gene & Black and White Hoe Down
26th June 2010

First of all, I must acknowledge my teacher! 

Yu Puay: Thank you for bringing Philip to Kuching! For once, we can have our own workshop in Kuching rather than travelling to other states to participate in one. It hasn't been easy to coordinate the workshop and the hoe down but you have done a fabulous job. Well done! 

Philip: Thank you for coming to Kuching and sharing with us the joy of dancing. 

Here goes my 2 cents worth:
  • It was good that Philip showed the different dances before teaching us. At least we knew what to expect. But it would have been better if you were not holding the stepsheets in your hands. It may seem to some people that you weren't sure of your steps or that you hadn't come prepared for the workshop.
  • There was different levels of difficulty so everyone can enjoy the dances; from beginner to intermediate. And the dances were beautiful especially the waltz. The choreography was beautiful especially when we have to swing out our right hand and bringing it in while dragging our left foot. I loved that! Thank you for reminding us to listen to the music and appreciating them. 
  • There was different genre of dances from country to hip hop. And I enjoyed how Philip taught the different moves for the different genres. Same set of steps but danced differently to different music. Excellent work, Philip. Peter, my husband commented that you are a talented person being able to choreograph a country dance and the total opposite, hip hop. 
  • The dances were broken down into easy steps to remember. I am one person who has to learn by counting and I'm sure Philip must have counted (I suddenly can't remember!) because I could learn and dance. I think it is important for choreographer to remember there are different sets of learners: some who can learn by just listening to the steps but there are POOR people like me who must count!
  • I don't recall if Philip or Yu Puay acknowledged the different groups of participants. They've made such an effort to join us. And I think it would also be great if we had been 'forced' to mingle with them rather than just sticking to our own group. Same goes to hoe down. Dancing is such a joy and can somehow bond us. 
  • Philip, Thank you for just being a down to earth person and being someone we can interact with. I really look forward to having you join us in our dancing. 


1.  Very approachable and considerate e.g. “relax…. breathe”...  You understood our anxieties and nervousness.    

2.  You assured us not to panic if we should make mistakes during the performances which really helped to reduce a lot of stress and anxieties.

3. Grooming – It was good of you to emphasise the importance of dressing up for the occasion.  How to do up our hair, what to dress up for each item (e.g. Single Ladies – must look hot!), the need to put on make up, etc.

4.  Workshops – You mingled around with the crowd in all corners.  That enabled many slower ones to catch up – which was good.  We like your tips on knee, hip, shoulder and neck rolls (I’m putting it into practice already!).

5. Styling – Many of us were never exposed to top-notch choreographers before.  So your tips on how to do each style differently were an eye-opener.  The country, salsa, hip-hop and pop  J

6. Easy level – The dances you taught were easy, yet fun and full of nice, simple funky styling.  I like Blood On The Dance Floor. 

7. The theme for this Hoe Down was so appropriate.  Everyone found it easy to dress up for the occasion.


You know baby, you’re the best in Kuching.  That’s why we have stuck to your for so many years!  Thanks for drawing out the best in each one of us J


1.  Everyone loved the performances.  It was so good!

“You guys were great n impressive.  Like Pro dancers, proud of u all n well done.”  (sms from Lawrence Blon)

2.  The canning was unexpectedly effective.  It did bring out the best out of us!  (I was canned twice! ~ Juliet). 


1.  The premises was quite conducive but the flooring was too rough for steps that required us to chasse, slide or MJ style of moves.


1. Thanks for the weekly practice leading up to the Hoe Down that enable many to remember most of their dances.

2. The final week (every night) was good albeit exhausting.  But it was worth all the effort!


“Best Hoe Down we’ve ever been – the performance presentation, theme and order of events.  The fact that it was for charity made it more meaningful and worthwhile.”  ( sms from Elaine Tan)

I agree wholeheartedly!  ~ Juliet


  1. Involve the audience/guests more in future by going thru some basic line dance steps with them e.g Macarena.   ( sms fr Elaine Tan)


Regarding Black and White event, i think it's a 7/10 satisfaction for me. I rate it myself. Hahah... 

The practices is so tough at the beginning where everyone is already being brushed and tuned. That's why i think there's not much of a problem. Just have to get people who really wants to be involved whole-heartedly. I know it is quite impossible to find so much of people like that. Anyway, practice is fine with me just that he could perhaps be a bit more strict instead of just like making everything looks fine. May be time is running out so he doesn't want to stress people out. But i usually need people to tell me otherwise i won't know if it's to your need or not.

The workshop is so so so nice! May be because of the songs are nice even though with simple steps. I won't compare to any others just that it's much better if he's standing in higher stages and he sound system is clearer. It's quite difficult to hear his voice from the last row. *phew* Thank God for good ears... (: Other than that it's fun. Hope to have something more challenging next time.

Dance night! I think everyone enjoyed our performance except me who can't really see the big picture. Desperately waiting for the video now. HAHAH... However, i think i could see that a few dances didn't dance at the center of the floor or a bit more front. One of the point is perhaps they need to rush back to the changing room which is so far end. The audience near the end of the toilet could hardly see i guess. Dances for the night are enough too... Really worn out after the whole event. Oh, one more thing! I suppose if there's someone to coordinate us to walk out, be prepare and sort of things for the performance would be good too. Something may happen like walking in slow or preparation too long etc. Someone to coordinate the next time can be better?

That's all from me. Anything i've not mentioned above may be something i've missed out and i just didn't think of it at this point. But of all, thank you for putting the whole event to the organizers!



Hi Yu,

The line dance workshop recently conducted by Philip was an excellent one. It was both enjoyable and fun to try out the different style of dances...it was really cool. Never thought that we all could have done the hip hop, pop, latin etc...all in one dance. Philip is a good line dance teacher. He understands his audiences well. He breaks down the dances into sequence and he goes thru the dances slowly but surely. His step are easy to see as well. Sharp and precise in his steps. His interpretation of music with cool moves is really nice...I quite like his choreography.....challenging and  interesting. Not too complicated.

I think a lot of us a bit lost when we have to face a new wall...thus the confusion arise...haaaaa..haaaaaaaa...can see it during the dance "I slipped and Fell (country). But I'm glad he was sensitive enough to know that and he make everyone goes thru the different walls. That was really great of him. The other thing I like about his teaching is that he played the music for us to try out and get the hang of it. I think that was what you did with all of us as well. That is great....keep this up cos it helps a lot of us.

I think a lot of the workshop participants enjoy the session tremendously. It's a bit tiring thou especially when we have performances at night.....I think my knees have double in size after I came back from the workshop. Had to rest both my knees before the evening performances. Amazing that I still find some strength to get up and dance..:))

Yap....enjoy Philip's company too. Loves his moonwalk......I must practice the moves too!!! haaaa..haaaaaaaaa......even Howard and Jordan did so well with their moonwalk....wow......lots of young talents...

It was great to dance in the performance showcase as well although it's always a nerve wrecking experienced. I really like the grilling part of practice...that will really make me lose weight...:)) Good form of exercise. Only trouble is my knees can't seem to take too much dancing this days..:)) 

Overall, I think it was really great hoedown....!! Looking forward to the next one....or even coming together to practice what we have learned in the workshop..:)) 

Good work, keep it up!!! You did a marvelous job!
Hi Yu,
My Feedback on Black & White Event.......
Philip is not just a multi-talented choreographer and dancer, but also a person with a warm and friendly personality. He willingly shares his knowledge, skills and experiences without reservation. It is a privilege to learn from Philip as he comes down to your level to encourage you to pick up new things. I enjoyed his workshop tremendously... he taught a lot of stuff that other choreographers have not shared.  I am inspired by his creativity and his dedication ... in teaching us and also in preparing and training us to give our best for the performance.
I also want to thank Philip for his heart for the GNF Youth... it is heartwarming to see him connecting with them and encouraging them. They are really motivated by him!
Philip is fun to work with and I look forward to more events with him.... = )
All the best in your future endeavours, Philip! JIA YOU!!
God bless.....
Congrats to a job well done. My team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and dinner function with all your wonderful performances.
Everyone likes Philip. he did a fantastic  job.
Thanks for having us over and your team (Danny especially) was very helpful & friendly.
Hi YuPuay,
You guys were GREAT at the Charity Hoe Down. VERY IMPRESSIVE . Looks like professional dancers. ( wonder how long it take you guys to rehearse the performance). Good mixture of music and great choreography. My family and I really enjoy the performance that night. Congrats to the you and Philip for the job well done.
Proud of all the Karar Line Dancers.
"Tq 2 u and committee for a great day (workshop and evening ). Philip 's great! He was understanding, v patient ( & long -suffering ! ) and clear ........ I participated in all 5 dances including hip hop ( the dance yang I paling tak minat !!! )! More workshops in the near future? hehe"
My feedback on the charity hoe down.....ok. As a performer's point of view, I find it very beneficial and meaningfull.  Philip is an all rounder. He is good in dancing, teaching and showmanship. He looked into details (from the head to the toe) not only for himself but for us as her dancers. I believe he would show us more techniques should there be more time. Maybe Philip could show us how to do stage makeup the next time he comes around. Philip had made the learning a very enjoyable, stressless and memorable one.
The workshop..... I have to say I'm glad that I forced my sister to come along. Hahahahha........... I know she enjoyed it.  I like Philip showed us the different ways in line dancing.... the country, latin, pop and hip hop.  Etiquette is something that we really need to observe. Oh yes! Not forgetting the body parts........... Ok Philip, will remember to say good morning to my knees, hips, shoulders and head every morning. Thanks to Philip for his generous sharing.
The party  ....... The lighting is not adequate. I'm sure I'm not the only one to comment this. Needless to say more, this is one thing that we really have to look into in future.   
Overall, I have to say it's a successful event. Thanks to Karar for organising this especially Yu Puay for her kindness in teaching us the steps. Her patience and understanding are very much appreciated. And as for myself, I didn't know i  had so much energy that actually last till the end. Hahaha.............
I had the privilege of watching Philip Sobrielo perform at Dancefuntasia 2008 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I was fascinated by his agility & dancing skills & especially the way he moved around the dancefloor.

When I heard that Philip was having a workshop in Kuching, Sarawak, I had no hesitation in planning my trip from Perth (Western Australia) so that I can watch him dance once more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop dances – blood on the dancefloor (salsa), crush (jazz) by Philip and Jo & John Kinser from the UK, slipped and fell (country), can I have this dance (waltz) by Philip, Travis Taylor & Mitch Burgess from Australia & do something (hip hop). There were heaps of laughter especially when it came to styling for the different types of dances using our hands, body roll, untying one shoe lace & learning how to avoid stepping on it whilst dancing.

I find Philip very approachable as he converses with the young & not so young crowd. It was heart warming to see him choreograph and dance with the youth. The finale was Philip performing a couple of Michael Jackson impersonations, he did an excellent footwork on the moon walk.

Thank you Yeo Yu Puay from Karar Line Dance in Kuching & Philip Sobrielo for the opportunity to be part of your ‘team’.



Dear Yu Puay.

Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable time at the hoe down.  I had such a good time that i did not even sit down to eat n my husband was saying that he was surprised that Joe n myself did not say we were hungry at all after the whole thing!  Btw my legs are still aching and i just found out we are going to dance for this Teresian thingy again from Eugenie!!!  Don't know whether to laugh or cry!! Gosh i tot i be free from dancing for two whole weeks!!!!!  

My boys, especially Joe, was having a fabulous time.  It was a first time for him at hoe down and it was a breakthrough for him to be able to dance in front of others.  Ryan was motivated so was on the dance floor too which i was really surprised!!! haha!!!  Jo kept saying he is going for class on the 11th which i don't even know was the date the new beginner class was starting.  From what i gather, a few of the kids have said they wanted to go.

Workshop was great though it was difficult to hear cos of the echo. Managed to learn most, if not all, the dances but cannot remember well.  haha my old illness is back!!  Philip, not only can dance well but an easy and nice person to get to know.  Too bad, i could not join u guys for supper after practice cos every nite practice, so so tired. 

Thank you again for the great time we had and your patience in teaching us.  Send my regards n thanks to Philip and we all hope to see him back again in Kuching soon.  


I wanted to to tell you i enjoyed so much from the practice till the end of the hoe down.
So happy for you everything turnout beautifully.
Generous of Philip to share the various tactic and Philip is friendly and reachable.   Wish he will come back and have fun with us.
Before i forget Danny too enjoyed being driver ha ha.
Hi. Just like to thank all of you for the hospitality we received during our short but memorable stay in Kuching. Special mention for Danny and Linda. Thank you for their kindness.

We enjoyed Philip's teaching which was fun and easy to understand. No doubt we enjoyed his superb performances immensely. For a minute I thought MJ was in Kuching! We greatly admire the effort put in for the night performances. Overall it was well organised.

Thanks. God bless.

What a fabulous time we all had with Philip!  His workshop is about as fun as it gets.  Philip’s choreography is really fun and incorporates a lot of different styles from country, salsa, pop and hip hop.  He has a great sense of humour, is patient, relaxed, passionate, and bottom line – just plain FUN!  

He is one of the most engaging and most compassionate instructors I have ever met. He is not just a teacher of steps and movements.  He explains how it translates to the dance floor.

Coordinating some of Philip’s moves may not be easy task and executing the coordinated moves were even tougher but it brought smiles, giggles and laughter to us which is what we wanted – for all just to have a great time!  We could not ask for more. 

Thanks for everything Philip!  I can’t imagine a better experience.


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